The TRUE FOCUS of your Marriage, is the SACRAMENT & THE COMMITTED LOVE, you have for each other.

1. Certificate Required for Church and Government Papers:


  • Baptism Certificate & Confirmation Certificate – obtained from Church of Baptism. If you were baptized in a Roman Catholic Church you will need to get your Confirmation separately.
  • Birth Certificate – if born in Australia
    If you were born overseas you need an English translation of your current Overseas Passport or Birth Certificate with serial number.
  • Single Status Certificate – if not baptized
    From Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages
    Phone: 1300 655 236

2. Singing & Music:

Music must be in accordance with the Diocesan Policy. Secular music only permitted at Signing or Exit.

Couple to organize music for the day.
a. Andi Maree Hajje on 0432 739 350
b. George Kambel on 0431 016 243
c. Elie Asmar on 0411129956
d. Christine Takchi on 0422 632 777
e. Marissa Maait on 0412 344 458
f. Ghadi & Lara on 0404 311 233

4. Rehearsal:

All Readers and Members of the Bridal Party should attend Practice Copies of Readings and Prayers should be given to readers at least 1 week before practice, so that they can prepare.

5. Flowers & Decorations:

Couple to contact a florist & organize flowers for the wedding.

The following should be adhered to as it is a directive from our Bishop.

  • No tulle or other material is allowed on aisle floor or from seat to seat blocking off access to the aisles.
  • No free-standing vases, candles or decorations are to be placed in the centre aisle blocking off access to the aisle.
  • Strictly NO confetti, rice, petals or other decorations to be thrown in the Church or on the Church Grounds before, during or after the Marriage Ceremony.

6. Booklets:

See Priest for wedding booklets

(Bring completed hard copy to Priest to proof read before final printing, remembering to number pages and print readable for congregation)

7. Vehicles:

It is strongly requested that NO noisy motor bikes or vehicles be used for escorts or wedding cars in respect to the Church and its neighbours.

8. Donations:

For the upkeep of the Church, it is appropriate in two separate envelopes to offer a donation for the Church and also a donation for the Priest(s) following your marriage ceremony.

9. Form:

Please fill in the following form and someone form the Church will get back to you.